Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hat Attack II! - Death Hat is Done

I finished my death hat this past Sunday! Let's just say that I'm relieved that I finished my hat (which was my goal). I can honestly say that I welcome death, as morbid as that may sound. On top of managing the day to day operations of Renaissance Yarns, I need to continue focussing on the macro processes within the business. Also, I'm working on acquiring the Nihon Vogue Certification, which is a fairly rigorous program. For instance, instead of knitting a death hat for the glory of 'taking my victim out' and for 'dodging a bullet from my would be assassin', I should be knitting on my top down raglan or my vest. Did I mention I must have these two pieces well into the knitting stage by October 11? I do not want to be known as a 'slacker' afterall.

So, the hat. I like it. It's almost my colors. I actually think I could wear this hat, not being a hat person at all. I'd change a few things, of course. I'd ax the turned up brim and just make it a beannie style hat. The Fibernocci sequence wasn't very apparent to me. My target and assassin haven't done any smack talk. For that matter, neither have I. I guess we've all taken on the 'stealth' approach. But, I am done. And, I am so relieved. Will I participate in a competitive knitting contest again? Well, I'm not officially out of this one. I like the idea of competitive knitting. But, when it comes down to an assassin hot on my tail and a victim sitting there waiting to meet their demise, well, I just don't know. For me, the process of knitting is relaxing, soothing and therapuetic. I don't know that I can say 'absolutely no way will I do this'. I mean, human nature thrives on competition, right? So, will I do it again? Time will tell...

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