Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hat Attack II - Kill or Be Killed (with a hat)

Your weapon: a hat. This friendly game of kill or be killed works like this: on 9/16/08, you will receive a pattern via email as well as the name of your target. You will also receive information about your assassin. The goal is to knit your hat as fast as you can and send it to your target before your hat (knit by your would be assassin) gets to you. So, you're not a fast knitter, eh? No problem! There are so many factors in this game that luck plays a huge roll. The offical yarn for this round of battle is Therapi by SWTC. Therapi is made of 50% Fine Wool, 30% Bowlder (Jadeite) and 20% Silk. You will need two different colors to do this hat. Therapi will be available at Renaissance Yarns later this month!

The grand prize goes to the 'last one standing'. The prize is $500 worth of SWTC yarn. Purchase your yarn at Renaissance Yarns and be the 'last one standing' you will also receive $150 gift card valid at Renaissance Yarns. All of us will be winners as we will get a beautiful hat out of the adventure.

Join us for the Hat Attack II launch party on Tuesday, 9/16 from 6 - 10 PM. Bring your pattern, yarn, needles and your spirit and LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Refreshments will be on hand!

Ready to become a warrior? If so, register today!

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