Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Introducing Mooi By Louet

Here’s what Louet has to say about their latest yarn - MOOI:

Mooi (pronounced moi) is a unique blend of fibers that combines all of the natural qualities of bamboo, bison and cashmere into an amazingly soft yarn. Mooi is simply a pleasure to knit and adds lustrous color to any project. The name of the yarn is based off Louet’ heritage and means “pretty” in Dutch. The bamboo is dyed, while the cashmere and bison content remain natural, producing a stunning and vibrant visual effect. The fibers are blended prior to spinning.
Mooi has received amazing reviews by customers just like you. Check out the what Knitter’s Review has to say about this luxurious yarn! Experience luxury and elegance - experience MOOI!

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