Monday, June 30, 2008

Soulful Sounds of Summer are Back!

Announcing the return of the Soulful Sounds of Summer! This is a FREE concert series that occurs at Kent Station on various days throughout summer. Imagine:
  • An afternoon iced espresso drink, knitting/crocheting and jazz. Tuesday from noon - 1 PM would be your day. Got kids? Promise them a trip to the newly opened fountain park at the corner of 2nd & Smith (just south of Kent Station)
  • What about a glass of wine and swing to the music? Come on folks, let’s not be shy! Wednesday evenings 6 - 8 PM would be your night. Got kids? Hire a babysitter and make Wednesday ‘date night’. Enjoy some nice quality time with your sweetie!
  • Saturday concerts begin in August! Enjoy an afternoon of music with the family!

Click here for details on the Soulful Sounds of Summer.
The concert series begins Tuesday, July 8th!

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