Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happiness is...

Having my DSL service back! Apparently, the storm we had on Monday night blew up my modem. I don’t really get that as the power light came on, ethernet lights came on and the infamous steady blinking DSL light was going a mile a minute. How is it that my modem suffered a power outage? IT HAS POWER!! I have to go through the usual drill, turn off the modem, wait 30 sec, turn on the modem, switch the phone cord so the jacks go in the other end, and so on. Look, I’m into my modem’s configuration. I’ve already done all of the obvious stuff. So, I’m told ‘we will send you a new modem’. Geeesh! Another 2 days without DSL, that’s like 3 - 4 hours of lost time per day!!!! Maybe I’m suppose to take a break from computers, eh? Well, today I get the new modem. I’m doing the ‘happy dance’ but my head is staying, this isn’t going to work, you know that don’t you?’ Quiet!! So, it’s 9:30 PM and I feverishly open the box! What??!! No power cord? Yet, the instructions say return the power cord with the old modem. Ummm, Houston, we have a problem.

Anyway, plug in the new modem, run the CD, reboot the computer (yeah, I’m holding my breath) and &#!, no internet connection. OK, call the not so local folks at Qwest, actually hoping to get someone in India and not the person I got Tuesday. I explain I’m looking at the modem configuration screen and the technician (yes, from India) has me configure the modem with a few secret codes he has to give me. Why the installation instructions don’t tell me I’ll have to call regardless is beyond me. But guess what?? I’M BACK!!!

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