Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chantilly Lace

Originally uploaded by thenobleknitter

This sweater is adapted from Elizabeth's Zimmerman's Baby Sweater on Two Needles pattern. My granddaughter, Emma Rose, will be the one I think about as I knit this project. Perhaps, by Christmas, she will be able to wear it. The color is burgundy, although my picture doesn't really capture the essence of the color. I decided to knit this sweater side to side so I would not have to seam in a lace pattern. Here are my tips on dividing for body and sleeves:

Work 25 sts (this is the left front)
Place next 28 sts on waste yarn (sleeve sts)
CO 14 sts using e-loop method
Work 42 sts (this is the back)
Place next 28 sts on waste yarn (2nd sleeve)
CO 14 sts using e-loop method
Work remaining 25 sts (this is the right front)
Work body per pattern
Work sleeves in the round, pick up 14sts at underarm


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