Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Taking Time Out to Celebrate!

Al & I left Saturday for Cannon Beach to celebrate his birthday. We made a stopover in Shelton to visit some long time friends. It's odd how so much time can go by and people pick up where they left off, almost as though no time has been lost. I went to Fancy Image Yarns while I was in Shelton. There were about 7 women knitting (like circle) and it they were all having a great time. Yeah, I know! I own a shop, why did I go here? Well, like you, I'm a fiberholic! Renaissance Yarns just cannot carry every type of yarn or accessory that's around. So, yeah, I like to explore! One never knows what treasure might be found!

Sunday morning, after a fabulous breakfast; we started on the road for Rockaway Beach, which is a little south of Cannon Beach. We arrived at our hotel around 4:30, just ahead of the sunset. I managed to get some breathtaking shots of the sunset before we headed out to dinner. We had dinner at the restaurant that Al proposed to me (Pirate’s Cove, Garibaldi, OR) and it was out of this world!

Monday we watched the ocean roar; it was a bit stormy. That’s OK as we like to watch ocean storms. We went to the little yarn shop, Coastal Yarns, in Cannon Beach. Next thing we knew, it was time to come back home!
You probably can guess, I knit my way there! I worked on the Limbo Sampler Shawl. I started and finished the mitered triangle. It was a quick knit and did not take much concentration. I'm working on the diamonds now. I must admit, I had to put the basketweave on hold for now.

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Kent said...

Lovely photos and sounds like you had a wonderful trip!

I love coastal yarns, they have the sweetest staff ever :)