Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Vintage Velvet FO!!

FO - Finished Object! What a feeling! If you haven't experienced the rush you get when you complete a project - I'm here to tell you: GET GOING! It's a great feeling and sense of accomplishment. One FO leads to another; I've had two this year and albeit they've both been scarves, they haven't been of the mindless nature. Well, maybe one was once I got past Cat's MCO (moebius cast on). I'm working on my 3rd which is the Empire Waist Sweater. Please, please God make these sleeves go a little faster (doing 2 at a time)!

So, the Vintage Velvet scarf is totally to die for! I finished knitting the scarf last Saturday and was eager to get the felting out of the way. I gathered up a couple of towels (for extra agitation), my zippered pillow case (to catch any fiber that might shed - don't want to clog the washer) and my Soak (rinse free woolwash). I let the scarf go through the entire wash and rinse cycle. Normally when we felt, we don't go through any spin cycles to avoid permanent creases in our project. With Touch Me, however, it's OK to spin. As I expected, the scarf looked HORRIBLE! But remember, LEAP OF FAITH!! I put the scarf in the dryer (alone) and let it dry until what I thought was damp dry (still took 3 days before it was totally dry). The scarf looked beautiful! The sheen was back, the scarf was soft and the cable definition was perfect! This is a must have scarf for your wardrobe.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Vintage Velvet

There's a yarn called Touch Me that is so true to its name. One look at this yarn and it calls to your 'touch senses'. Let's face it; there's the velvety look that looks so inviting, not to mention the incredible sheen this yarn has. I've been on a mission since New Year's Eve day to get this beautiful reversible cabled scarf done by Saturday (1/5/08). Yes, I did get the date right without having to retype! Thanks to Lisa Daniels, designer of this luxurious piece, for keeping my fingers busy during the BCS bowl games. You can find Lisa's pattern in Scarf Style.

Project progress: I'm 1/2 way through the 4th ball of yarn. It takes 5. Looks like I will be paying my washing machine a call tonight. Oh, did I mention this scarf is felted? That's how one keeps Touch Me from worming over time. Worming is a chenille's (and other fibers) tendency to pull away from your work and coil on itself. This happens as the yarn is twisted during the knitting process. In the case of Touch Me, there's 28% wool in the yarn. So, go ahead and wash your piece (let it go through the spin cycle as well). Sure, it will look like a total waste of your time and money when you take it out of the washer. But don't despair (leap of faith here - you know what I mean by this). Put it in the dryer and set on low heat until try. You'll be amazed and quite pleased with the results!