Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Victoria Fingerless Mittens

The Victoria Fingerless Mittens are found in Knitting Little Luxuries, Louisa Harding's latest collection of designs. Many of you have asked why Louisa chose to have you knit these mittens flat as opposed to in the round. I thought I'd study the pattern by knitting up one mitten. A couple of things I noticed is that the first 5 rows are garter and then there is the issue of the color changes. You probably know about jogs when working in the round and changing colors. When we knit in the round, we are really knitting a spiral. It is easy to see the affects of this when you change colors. The last stitch worked in color A is slightly higher that the first st of the round. Well, the garter st ridge gives a similar result. Hence, why I think this design is knit flat and then seamed.

I worked up the 2nd mitten in the round and am happy with how the garter rounds lined up. My mitten is a solid color though. My thoughts on the multiple color mitten is jogs due to color change and pattern change might be noticeable. So, venture forward with your new found knowledge!! Here are my notes:
  1. Cast on 39 sts per pattern. Ensuring sts are not twisted, join into the round.

  2. Work 5 rounds of garter st (remember, you are knitting in the round so garter st is achieved by alternating rounds of knits & purls - in this case purl 1 round, knit 2nd round, purl 3rd round, knit 4th round, purl 5th round)

  3. round 6 - since we are on the RS of the mitten, replace the purls with knits (so, K1, *yo, k2tog, repeat from * to end)

  4. work 3 rounds of garter (Purl, Knit, Purl). On the last round, increase 1 st (now have 40 on the needle)

  5. change to smallest needles and *K2 tbl, P2, repeat from * around. Repeat this round 21 times (piece measures 4")

  6. change to largest needles and knit 4 rounds, at the same time, decrease 1 st every other round twice (38 sts on the needle)

Thumb Gusset - Coming Soon!

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Rene' said...

Thank you for these directions! I'm starting my mittens today (one color) and this will be very helpful.