Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Has it really been that long?

OK, so what's the point of having a blog if your not going to blog; right? Well, I promise to get better about it. I just cannot believe how fast time goes! The older I get, the faster time goes! Meanwhile, I hope that you have stayed up to date with what's going on about the shop via our weekly e-newsletter. If you are not receiving it, the problem is one of two things. Problem 1: you are not a subscriber to our newsletter. It's fast and easy, just go to our homepage and sign up. Problem 2: you are a subscriber, but our e-newsletter is going to your junk folder. These days, technology seems to default that most things we receive in our inbox is junk, so the software processes the email accordingly. To solve this, go into your junk folder, find the email from us, right click and choose 'not junk' or 'accept emails from this sender' etc. The e-newsletter is sent weekly, usually on Wednesday.

Other news, Shilo celebrated his 1st birthday last month. He is still the baby of the family for about 4 more months. Around February, my family will be welcoming Emma Rose into the world. I am sure that Shilo will continue to be spoiled but he might have to share the attention!

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