Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kent Station Concert Series

I can only imagine...

Tonight Al and I ventured over to Kent Station to check out the first, of many, Thursday night "Date Night" concerts. We had the privilege of listening to Jazzhorn Trio. Our dinner choice tonight was Duke's Chowder House. I brought my knitting along and worked on a pair of socks (Duet Sock Yarn - Lavender Fest colorway to be exact) which I must have done before July 20th, the day we head over to Sequim for the Lavender Festival. No, I don't believe it to be rude to knit while you are waiting for your meal. After all, one is still able to carry a conversation while knitting. And besides, Al is very supportive (like the best) and doesn't mind.

Can I just say - sharing dinner with your sweetie and live music on a Thursday night with weather like we had today? What more could you ask for? I cannot wait until my birthday - Molly's Revenge will be on stage. I just love Celtic music! So for anyone reading this - click on the link above and check out what Kent Station has to offer. In addition to an entire summer of music, check out the many shops, restaurants and boutiques that are now open. If you haven't checked out the Station lately, YOU ARE MISSING OUT on the most popular spot in town!!!

I can only imagine the memories you can create this summer! I'll be there; will you?

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