Saturday, June 9, 2007

Knitting in Public Day

Well, it was a typical wet, rainy day in Puget Sound today but that did not stop us from joining the rest of the world in the 3rd annual Knit in Public Day! We started our day at Dilettante Mocha & Espresso Cafe located at Kent Station. Many of us enjoyed our mid morning, early afternoon espresso drink along with a sinfully rich and chocolaty treat. We were 16 strong for a good portion of our time. The staff at Dilettante's was fabulous and we were able to spend a little over an hour here. I spotted the Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake and will have to enjoy that with my favorite guy at some point in the future! A lot of socks were being worked on as well as a few sweaters and a couple of entrelac projects.
Our next stop was The Ram. I was happy to be able to get us into the lounge at The Ram in short order. But, I forgot that Sam was with us, who happens to be an incredibly intelligent 17 year old (she scored a 99 on the ACT - WOW!!). Thanks Sam, Cindy & Mary, for being so flexible (yeah, had to split ourselves up for this one).

We wrapped up our progressive lunch/knitting experience at Zephyr Grill & Bar. Can I just say one dessert is more than enough for 2 - 3 people to share! The Strawberry White Chocolate Cake was absolutely delicious and happens to be the featured recipe of the month! Others had Creme Brulee (which actually looked like a manageable one person dessert), Lemon Cheesecake and yes, person had the Texas Funeral Chocolate Cake (7 layes of chocolate bliss). For all of you apple pie lovers, the Warm Granny Smith Apple Pie looked fabulous - again, too much for one person. Also, I have never seen apples sliced as thin as the apples used in this pie. So, all in all, we had a fabulous day in spite of the liquid sunshine! I hope that everyone who came out and braved the rain had as enjoyable time as I did!

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Angela said...

What a fun day that was!!! You guys put that together fabulously!!!!!!