Thursday, June 21, 2007

All in a Week's Work

Did you notice? No sign of Al in the shop last week. He was off to Alaska on a 'trip of a lifetime' fishing expedition. He set out with his son-in-law, Jack, and four other folks in search of halibut and salmon. I can say that I hate being a bachelorette! Maybe one night is OK, two is pushing it; but a week is really crossing the line. Now, one would think lots of knitting time, right? Wrong! I had planned to work on paperwork (the never ending paperwork). Well, Tuesday I ended up with a full blown summer cold; so bad I could hardly talk. This lasted through Friday. Then it was a 9 AM - 8:30 PM Tues - Fri schedule. So, needless to say, the never ending pile of paperwork is still never ending!! I never realized just how hard it is to cook for one person; especially when one walks in the door so late. Oh, and going grocery shopping, major pain! Just no time to do it. So, Al, thanks for all you do! We now have 80 lbs of halibut in our freezer. No salmon, I guess the run wasn't in yet.

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