Monday, April 16, 2007

What Goes In, Sometimes Must Come Out

Well, I did finish the 28 rows of cable for Ymer. The problem is, I hold my work up to Al and the cable just doesn't hit him right. The whole motif is too low on his long torso. So, you guessed it - rip! I already added 1.5" to the length and this time, I will add 4.5" then start the motif. A minor setback, but still hope to be finished by May 4th. Besides, the motif was fun to make, so I'll that 'double the fun!'

On a lighter note, I went to the Seattle Fiber Arts Expo yesterday. I met up with Klaus and Teyani from Crown Mountain Farms . I acquired a beautiful Turkish hand spindle and really have it down to a science. Teyani was right, 5 minutes and just about anyone can be using this fabulous tool. The beauty of a Turkish spindle is that you make center pull 'singles' and then you ply those together as opposed to needing a nostepinne. I am definitely hooked! I am taking a support spindle class next Sunday and can only imagine how that is going to go. I observed a woman doing this at the expo and am totally fascinated and intrigued. Stay tune for more...

Have you ever had a problem with your car or appliance and try to explain it to your husband? Have you ever tried to recreate the problem so he can see first hand what is going on? Well, my Kromski (spinning wheel) has an irritating squeak. It's had it for about two weeks and I've been reluctant to use it because it really is pretty irritating. I brought the wheel home yesterday after spending an hour of our spinning time trying to fix it (lubricate areas with bee's wax). Would you believe that the squeak is non-existent? Luckily I have several witnesses as I am sure Al thinks I am losing it!! Anyway, squeak seems to be mysteriously gone.

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