Sunday, March 18, 2007

Skacel Lace Needles

There is a lot of buzz in the knitting community about lace knitting. I'm happy to announce that Renaissance Yarns just received our shipment of Skacel's Turbo Lace Needles. These needles have sharper points so you can 'grab' the stitches easier. You can easily differientiate your Addi Turbo's from you Addi Lace needles by the brass tips and red cording. The lace needles are available in US sizes 1 - 6 and lengths 24", 32" and 47". These needles will sure to be your favorite as you explore the world of lace knitting!


silver said...

could you tell me please what pretty
lace that is under the white skein?

Nancy said...

The beautiful lace is made out of Merino Lace (100% Merino; 1375 yards per 100g hank). The pattern and yarn will be available at Renaissance Yarns within a week or two.

Happy 'Lace' Knitting!