Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Surfacing for a Breath!

WOW! Today I realized just how infrequently I get out and about. I went to Macy's today to pick up a bottle of my sweetie's favorite cologne. Of course, the closest one is Westfield Shopping Mall (formerly known as Southcenter Mall). I was shocked to see the changes going on. I pulled into the mall proper (entering from the south end) and thought I just entered a disaster zone. The food court is closed and will be for 18 months. There is a parking garage south of Sears. There is scaffling all over the mall. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a Williams-Sonoma. While on the subject of keeping my fingers crossed, still wiating for a book store to come to Kent Station. Third Place Books would be an excellent addition; don't you think?

A week since my last writing! I'd like to say I've been knitting like a mad woman; but not the case. We have been working very hard on the newsletter for March & April. We've lined up a few treats for you that I hope you will enjoy. Also, the website has been taking up a lot of time. Hopefully you are noticing the changes (hint: product pictures are starting to appear). Be patient, though; website design/maintenance if very time consuming. Oh, don't forget, I am a knitter, not a webmaster, so everything seems to take longer. If you see something you don't like or if pages don't load right, links broke, etc, etc. jot me an email. Have a suggestion? Let me know!

OK, off to put the finishing touches on the newsletter. I hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing evening with their sweetie!

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