Saturday, January 13, 2007

What's going on?

It was good to see everyone today! It's amazing the progress that everyone has made on their projects this past week. Largo is finished with the fair isle portion of her sweater! It looks FANTASTIC! She is a little bored with knitting up to the armholes and is willing to barter - you knit up to the armhole for her; she will knit your fair isle section! Roberta is planning out her father's fair isle afghan - looking forward to seeing a swatch incorporating the border. Christine is working on her sweater that she waited months to work on - such restraint I must admit. She's making good progress, can't wait until Wednesday. Ann, MaryAnn, Teresa and Debra are working on socks - whether it's toe up, DPN, two at once; seems like every technique is going on (less the extreme - two at a time DPN technique). Nancy (Smith) worked on her Einstein coat; it is beautiful! Nancy - "get 'er done"! You can be wearing it now in this bitter cold!!! Brian is knitting - yeah!!! For those of you stuck at home - WE MISSED YOU! I hope you are staying warm and able to get some good knitting time in!

The toe up socks are coming along fine. I have to get working on my fair isle (maybe I will be the one to take Largo up on her offer). Tomorrow's goal is to get the fair isle piece done. This will be good to work on while the Seahawks are playing.

Shilo (aka, McFelty) loves the snow! He also thinks he is a big dog and tried to take on a doberman pincher this morning. Here is a picture that Al took Thursday morning. Shilo likes to run and leap off the deck into the snow. Then he runs back up the deck and slides across the deck. He is so cute! Good thing - came home to another chewed up DPN (Ugh!).


Angela said...

What a little cutie!!!
Does Shilo ever get to come to the yarn shop with you?

Nancy said...

He is a cutie isn't he? And believe me, he uses it to his advantage!!! He does not get to come to the shop too much - he would be in heaven and who knows what kind of things he'd get into. At least the DPN's are out of his reach!