Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Introducing Duet Sock Yarn!

I hope you are feeling my excitement coming through! We are so lucky and honored to be able to offer you a hand painted sock yarn created by Angela of A Swell Yarn Shop ! Angela is a local artist and truly has a knack for color. Duet is 360 yards of scrumputuous eye candy! Not only are the colors incredibly gorgeous, but Angela has also included a coordinating solid meant to be used for the heel and toe. In order to give Angela the ultimate flexibility in artistic creativity and you the unique opportunity of having a 'one of a kind' pair of socks, we do not guarantee that any colorway will be available in the future. My message here folks, if you see a colorway that you cannot live without; do not hesitate with this yarn! More than likely, the colorway will not be recreated.

Come in and check out the 8 Valentine themed colorways and the 8 everyday colorways! Here are a few examples...

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MAM said...

Thanks so much for bringing in this gorgeous yarn! Being true to your word, this yarn is being gobbled up quickly. What a great addition this makes to the shop. We'll eagerly await the next order to see what colors Spring will bring.