Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fibertrends Alpine Boots (Adult Version)

Annalee finished her Alpine Boots and we are lucky to have a before and after shot. Husband, Gordy, is our resident king of felting and seems to thoroughly enjoy the process of shrinking wool. Even though both boots are knit up, Gordy has been taking the pair around showing everyone he knows the incredible results of felting! Consequently, no one is wearing them just yet...

Al & I went to the Seattle Boat Show this past Monday. I brought
along my toe up/two at a time socks that I'm making up out of A Swell Yarn's Duet Sock Yarn. I was able to get the toes done before we arrived at the show, so it was fairly easy to walk the show and knit (stockinette stitch). I was amazed at some of the boats we saw and the price tags that were attached to them. One could go through the boats; most of the big ones (30' and up) the shoes had to come off to prevent scuff marks. Here is a picture of probably the most luxurious boat we saw. My opinion of the show, very interesting, but the knitting makes it more interesting!!

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