Friday, January 26, 2007

Died and Went to Heaven!!!

It has been a busy week! My twins (Stephanie and Michael) turned 18 yesterday! It seems like yesterday they were just babies. Time goes so fast! We had a quiet dinner at the Lobster Shop on Dash Point. Anthony and Amber (Ant's girlfriend) were able to have dinner with us. It is so great when all three kids can get together!

The Madrona Fiber Arts Festival was fabulous! Crown Mountain Farms is one of the vendors and probably my most favorite. Klaus tempted me (successfully) with a 50/50 blend of fine merino and angora. It is the softest fiber that I have ever put my hands on. I purchased my wheel from Klaus so it is fairly easy to justify the purchase of fibers. I also acquired a black 50/50 superfine alpaca/tencel top, a beautiful, creamy white 50/50 Cashmere/Mulberry Silk Top. Teyani must have been in classes as I did not see her. I imagine I would still be amazed by her amazing ability to walk, talk and work her Turkish drop spindle all at the same time!

MaryAnn and I also found beautiful glass circular needles. I bought a pair to test them out; don't be surprised if you see them in the shop someday soon. Even though they are made of glass, they are fully functional and so far, nice to work with. The cable is extremely soft and the needles come with a lifetime guarantee. Oh, and sock knitters, DPN's are available as well. There is a new software on the market for designers. This software will assist in the creation of skirts, afghans, ponchos and sweaters. On the surface, the software seems a little more sophisticated than the Sweater Wizard. I will be testing it over the next few weeks to see how powerful it is.

It's been a little quiet at the shop the past couple of days. I imagine everyone is getting a touch of 'spring fever' with the nice weather we have been enjoying over the past couple of days. Several folks started their DPN sock class and so far, things have gone very well. We did not get Louisa's Grace Wool & Silk today, so I hope to see that Tuesday.

Happy Knitting!!

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Angela said...

Crown Mountain is where I got my first bit of spinning fiber...I was a goner after that! Their 'Wild Thing' hand spun yarn makes me drool everytime I see it!