Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Amazing Weather! Fabulous New Yarn!!

Once again, Western Washington is experiencing a winter wonderland! The snow is a lovely sight, but it definitely reaks havic on our nerves when we have to drive in it. I believe we have had close to 3" in about a 2 hour period of time.

While the snow is falling, I thought I'd give a new yarn a try. 'Brown' (UPS) delivered Cash Vero today. Cash Vero is made in Italy and has an incredibly soft touch. The fiber content is 55% merino extra fine wool, 33% microfiber and 12% cashmere. I chose two colors, burgundy and black (as if you didn't figure that out) and began a pair of toe up socks. To make the socks more interesting, I am incorporating a Fibonacci sequence for stripes as well as short row shaping for the toe. I'll probably do an afterthought heel. I'll post picture tomorrow of my progress as well as a review of the yarn. Off to sleep for now, could be an interesting, icy morning.

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